ANZ & NZCAA Joint Statement

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New Zealand Children’s
Athletic Association Inc. 
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Tauranga Central 
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The education scheme is approved by the IAAF and is subject to regular review. In order for ANZ to retain
approval  to  run  the  scheme  certain  requirements  must  be  met.  These  include  continuing  education,  four
yearly  review,  participation  at  National  events  and  being  involved  across  all  disciplines  of  each  category.
Any  breach  of  these  requirements,  at  any  level,  could  see  ANZ  stripped  of  the  accreditation  necessary  to
run our own national scheme.
Lecturers  must  have  appropriate  grading’s  and  for  some  courses  must  be  an  IAAF  qualified  Lecturer.
Currently New Zealand has seven such approved lecturers.
At  a  recent  meeting  of  the  Regional  Officials  Coordinators  (ROC)  the  matter  of  ‘C’  grade  Officials
progressing  to  ‘B’  at  meetings  conducted  by  NZCAA  was  discussed.  Many  of  the  ROC  are  involved  at
NZCAA level or have been heavily involved in the past.
The  reasons  for  Officials  not  being  able  to  progress  are  several.  They  include  NZCAA  not  running  all
events,  e.g.  Jumps  not  doing  Pole  Vault  or  Triple  Jump.  Throws  not  doing  Hammer  or  Javelin.  Track  not
doing Steeplechase, long hurdles, 5,000m, 10,000m where lap scoring is used.
Another  reason  is  that  NZCAA  does  not  run  full  six  round  competitions  or  qualifying  events.  Many
Officials  sitting  ‘C’  papers  have  no  understanding  of  the  concept  even  though  covered  during  lectures.  In
order to assist with ‘C’ papers the NOC have agreed to rename ‘C’ papers as Assessments and allow those
sitting to discuss a question with either the assessor or with others sitting the paper.
The  question  was  raised  of  why  include  questions  relating  to  these  in  ‘C’  papers.  They  are  no  different  in
Officiating  to  other  events  other  than  the  method  of  Jumping,  Throwing  etc.  The  recording  of  results  is
exactly the same. Countback etc. is the same, as is measurement, time available etc. If they are not covered
the course, is not, as approved by the IAAF and ANZ could lose its accreditation.
The  NOC  and  ROC  are  concerned  that  few  "Children's"  officials  are  progressing  through  to  senior  levels
and  have  agreed  to  encourage  Centres  to  try  to  have  combined  Children’s  and  Senior  meeting  so  as  to
allow  Children’s  Volunteers  to  be  able  to  experience  Senior  meetings.  NZCAA  has  been,  for  many  years,
the  breeding  ground  for  Senior  Officials  and  we  wish  to  assist  wherever  possible,  but  ANZ  have
constraints that require the current protocols to remain.
It  is  hoped  that  NZCAA  and  ANZ  continue  to  work  together.  ANZ  employs  an  Officials  Development
Manager  and  are  happy  for  this  staff  member  to  assist  NZCAA  or  Clubs  at  any  time.  ANZ  has  developed
an  eLearning  programme  to  assist  in  education.  Information  can  be  seen  at along with other information and resources. 
We trust that that NZCAA and ANZ can continue to operate together for the benefit of our sport.

Brian Cockeram                                              Trevor Spittle
President NZCAA                                            Officials Development Manager, ANZ