2016 Colgate Games Results and Nick Willis Scholarship Winners



North Island

Kayla Goodwin Fairfield Athletic Club
Zoe Taylor Waitakere City Athletic Club
Mikael Starzynki Athletics Wairarapa
Mitchell Snell Hastings Athletic Club




2016 North Island Results             

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South Island
Gloria Agnew Phoenix
Olivia Burnham Christchurch Avon
Cody House Papanui TocH
Ryan Sutherland Christchurch Avon




2016 South Island Results

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New Zealand Children's Athletics

Being involved in athletics will not only make you a better athlete but will assist your ability in other sports by helping you run faster, jump higher and throw further.

If you are aged 14 or under and wish to become involved in athletics your first step is to find an athletic club near you.  If you find you enjoy competing you can enter North or South Island Colgate Games. You can also be selected to represent your province to compete against other provinces around New Zealand.

Athletics for children is predominantly looked after by the New Zealand Children's Athletic Association Inc.


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